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Antonia Larese


Associated Lecturer in Continuum Mechanics and Structural Analysis at UPC BarcelonaTech

Associate Research Professor at Centre Internacional de Mètodes Numèrics en Enginyeria (CIMNE)

Coordinator of the Official UPC Master Course on Numerical Methods in Engineering.
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+34 93 401 10 48



Module C1, Office 109, Campus Nord UPC
Jordi Girona 1-3
08034 Barcelona - Spain





PhD in Structural Analysis: UPC BarcelonaTech


Máster en Método Numéricos para Cálculo y Diseño en Ingeniería: CIMNE


Laurea Magistrale in Ingegneria Civile (Strutturista): Universitá degli Studi di Padova (Italy) Title homologated in Spain (2011) to Ingeniero de Caminos Canales y Puertos


Diploma di maturitá scientifica (High school scientific degree): Liceo scientifico A. Einstein. Piove di Sacco -Padova- (Italia)



Scientific experience

»  Research work in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) problems with particular emphasis on free surface flows in deformable porous media with variable porosity.

»  Developer of KRATOS-Multiphysics ( A framework for building multi-disciplinary finite element programs.

Research Interests


»  Computational methods in applied sciences and engineering.
»  Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).
»  Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI).
»  Coupled Problems.
»  Meshless methods.
»  Non-Newtonian fluids.
»  Computational Geomechanics

Participation in competitive projects


Internation projects


4. FLOODSAFE - Assessment and Initial Steps for the Exploitation of a Simulation Software for the Study and Mitigation of the Effect of Floods on Constructions and Ladscape EC Call: ERC-PoC-2014 AdG n: 267521 (2015-2016)


3. T-MAPPP - Training in Multiscale Analysis of multi-Phase Particulate Processes. FP7 PEOPLE 2013 ITN–Grant Agreement nº607453

2. ULITES - Ultra-lightweight structures with integrated photovoltaic solar cells: design, analysis, testing and application to an emergency shelter prototype. Program FP7-SME-2012 – Grant Agreement nº: 314891, (2013-2015). Web page

1. SAFECON - New computational methods for predicting the security of constructions to Water Hazards accounting for fluid-soil-structure interactions. Program: FP7 – Ideas (Advanced Grant) – Grant Agreement nº: 267521, (2011-2016). Web page



National Projects


1. HIRMA – Development and validation of a tool for defining the failure hydrogram in embankment dams considering the specific geomechanics MINECO – Ref. RTC – 2016-4967-5, 01/09/2016- 31/08/2019


2. ACOMBO - Development of a computational code for the analysis of thermo-mechanical behaviour of arch dams MINECO, Ref: RTC-2015-3794-5, 01/09/2015 31/08/2018


3. DIABLO - Development of an optimized code for the design of spillways with wedge-shaped blocks MINECO, Ref: RTC-2014-2081-5, 01/09/2014 - 31/12/2017


4. VOLADAPT – New efficient and effective blasting process, in the sense of use of resources and raw materials, by predictive and adaptive techniques minimizing emission MINECO, Ref: RTC-2014-2237-5, 01/02/2014 - 31/12/2016


5. CEPSA (2015-2016) Computational model for the simulation of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) laboratory experiments. Private consultancy.


6. EACY - Enhanced accuracy computational and experimental framework for strain localization and failure mechanisms MAT2013-48624-C2-1-P (2014-2016).


7. TIPSEN – Technologies For Innovation In Products and Services in Engineering - BarcelonaKEY call for Projects (2014-2017).


8. EDAMS – Métodos numéricos experimentales para la evaluación de la seguridad y protección de las presas de materiales sueltos en situación de sobrevertido. Proyecto de Plan Nacional BIA2010-21350-C03-01. (2010-2013).


9. XPRES - Desarrollo de un método para el estudio del proceso de rotura de presas de escollera por sobrevertido combinando técnicas de elementos finitos y partículas. Proyecto de Plan Nacional BIA2007-68120-C03-01 (2007-2010).


10. Ciudad Multidimensional LCM. Proyecto de Plan Nacional. Ref: Pyto: PSE-380000-2006-6, Subpto 27, 28 (2006-2009).


11. LNG-SHIP - Desarrollo de herramientas de diseño para el cálculo estructural en el transporte de gas licuado. Proyecto de Plan Nacional. (2005).



Journal papers


10. Iaconeta, I., Guo, Z. Larese, A., Rossi, R., An implicit grid-based and a meshless MPM formulation for problems in solid mechanics. Submitted to International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering (2016).

9. Cotela, J., Rossi, R. and Larese A., Simulation of two and three-dimensional viscoplastic flows using adaptive mesh refinement Submitted to International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering (2016).

8. Larese, A. A Lagrangian PFEM approach for non-Newtonian viscoplastic materials. Accepted for publication by Revista Internacional de Métodos Numéricos para cálculo y diseño en Ingeniería (RIMNI) (2016).

7. Moreno, E. and Larese, A. and Cervera, M. Modelling of Bingham and Herschel-Bulkley flows with mixed P1/P1 finite elements stabilized with Orthogonal Subgrid Scale, Journal for Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 28, pp 1-16 (2016).

6. Salazar, F., Irazabal, J., Larese, A. and Oñate, E. Numerical modelling of landslide-generated waves with the particle finite element method (PFEM) and a non-Newtonian flow model Submitted to the International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics (2015)

5. Larese, A., Rossi, R., Oñate, E., Finite Element Modeling of free surface flow in variable porosity media. Archives for Numerical Methods in Engineering (2014) DOI: 10.1007/s11831-014-9140-x.

4. Larese, A.; Rossi, R.; Oñate, E.; Toledo, M.A.; Moran, R., Campos, H., Numerical and experimental study of overtopping and failure of rockfill dams. International Journal of Geomechanics (ASCE) (2013) ISSN 1532-3641.nº607453

3. Larese, A.; Rossi, R.; Idelsohn, S.R.; Oñate, E.A coupled PFEM-Eulerian approach for the solution of porous FSI problems. Computational mechanics.50 - 6,pp. 805 - 819. (2012). ISSN 0178-7675.

2. Rossi, R.; Larese, A.; Dadvand, P.; Oñate, E. An efficient edge-based level set finite element method for free surface flow problems. International journal for numerical methods in fluids. DOI. 10.1002/fld.3680, (2012). ISSN 0271-2091.


1. Larese, A.; Rossi, R.; Oñate, E.; Idelsohn, S., Validation of the Particle Finite Element Method (PFEM) for simulation of free surface flows. Engineering computations. 25 - 4,pp. 385 – 425 (2008), ISSN 0264-4401.





Author of more than 40 proceedings in international congresses and conferences (the full list is available in the CV pdf file).​





2. Larese A. ,Oñate E., Rossi, R.,  A coupled Eulerian-PFEM model for the simulation of overtopping in rockfill dams. Monograph CIMNE M133 (2012) ISBN: 978-84-940243-6-8, B-29348-2012


1. Larese A., On the application of the Particle Finite Element Method (PFEM) in Civil Engineering. Monograph CIMNE M98 (2006) ISBN: 84-96736-02-4, B-46523-2006.



Technical papers and any other scientific production


2. Larese, A.; Oñate, E. CIMNE Verification of the validation analysis of Xfinas elements database. 01/2009.


1. Oñate, E.; Suarez, B.; Idelsohn, S.; Rossi, R.; Celigueta, M.A.; Larese, A. Trabajo realizado por CIMNE en relación con la rotura del muelle del Prat del puerto de Barcelona. 07/2007.




Teaching experience

Undergraduate courses


Resistència de Materials (Strength of Materials) Enginyeria de la Construcció – UPC (6ECTS)


Estructures (Theory of structures) Enginyeria de la Construcció – UPC (6ECTS)


Estructures (Structures) Enginyeria Tècnica d’Obres Públiques –UPC (12ECTS)

Master courses


Communication skills (Master on Numerical Methods in Engineering - UPC)


Industrial training (Master on Numerical Methods in Engineering - UPC)


Finite Elements (Master of Science in Computational Mechanics -Erasmus Mundus - UPC)


Finite Elements (Master on Numerical Methods in Engineering - UPC)

Seminars or international courses

Invited presentations:


Larese, A., Invited plenary speaker to the CONIA 2016 Title: “Dam Safety: Numerical simulation of overtopping in rockfill dams and landslide into the reservoir”, El Salvador


Larese, A., Invited speaker to the MUMOLADE Michael School. Title: Numerical and Experimental Study of Failure of Rockfill Dams under Extreme Events, Barcelona, Spain


Larese, A.; Rossi, R.; Oñate, E., Title: Simulation of the beginning of failure in rockfill dams caused by overtopping. 1st International Seminar on Dam Protection against Overtopping and Accidental Leakage, Madrid, Spain


Larese, A.; Rossi, R.; Oñate, E., Coupling Eulerian and Lagrangian models to simulate seepage and evolution of failure in prototype rockfill dams . XI ICOLD Benchmark Workshop on Numerical Analysis of Dams.ISBN 978-84-695-1816-8, Valencia, Spain

Invited lectures:


MPM training course (8 hours post graduated course). Departamento ECA – Sección ingeniería del terreno, ETSCCPB, Barcelona, Spain


Finite Elements for Fluids with open source software (22 hours post graduated course).Technical University of Munich (Germany)



Membership of scientific society or institutes


Fellow of the Young Investigators Section of the Spanish Association for Numerical Methods in Engineering


Fellow of the Spanish Association for Numerical Methods in Engineering (SEMNI)


Collaborating with the European Working Group on Risk Assessment of ICOLD


Member of the FLUMEN institute of the UPC.


Voting member of the Comité de Cálculo de presas of the Spanish Committee on Large Dams (SpanCOLD).


Member of the Continuum mechanics groups of the UPC (MC2).




Special Doctoral Award 2014 delivered by UPC BarcelonaTECH for the PhD thesis “A coupled Eulerian‐PFEM model for the simulation of overtopping in rockfill dams”

Finalist for the award for the best PhD thesis discussed in Spain in 2012 issued by the Spanish Association for Numerical Methods in Engineering (SEMNI)

Outstanding Paper Award 2009 delivered by EMERALD for the paper "Validation of the Particle Finite Element Method (PFEM) for simulation of free surface flows".